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Fun on The Southern Belle Farm

One of my favorite things to do during the spring/summer is find little hidden gems nearby that are not only fun and exciting but family friendly and affordable. Southern Belle Farms is all the above and more for so many reasons. From the petting zoo barn to the slides and shows to the absolute delicious home made peach ice cream, this place has it all.

What started as a Dairy farm has become a landmark in McDonough Ga, about 30 minutes South of Atlanta. Still owned and operated by The Carter Family, Southern Belle is now a 330 Acre farm of orchards full of peaches to strawberry fields, blueberry fields and more. The Seasonal changes bring so many fun and exciting things for families and people of all ages to enjoy.

We always start our trip off at Belle’s Barn, where kids can get up close with pygmy goats, dairy cows, lambs, chickens and more. The fun little barn allows guest to grab feed for the animals as a little treat and most of the animals come right up to you for some head scratches. No worries, the animals must come to you, they aren’t forced so they definitely have the animals best interest at heart here at this little petting area. After you’re done exploring, there is a convenient hand washing station right outside the barn. Everything is super nice, clean and always well kept.

Next we head up and make sure we check in to get our bands for activities. For $10 (2 and under free) you can enjoy all the activities without worrying about paying for individuals or going back for obnoxious tickets. Once you’re in, your $10 gets you all the fun you can ask for.

We then head off towards the little corn house. The pit filled with corn is a fan fav for kids, especially mine, because it’s a little barn with a pit full of corn kernels for playing. Simply kick off their shoes and toss them in for a little bit of fun. Parents can sit on the benches inside the little barn to keep a close eye on kiddos as well!

Next we made our way towards the Big Barn slide. Unfortunately we didn’t get to test this one out because Addi was way too chicken to make her way up the hill without momma, and baby brother is much too little for the huge slide. Definitely a favorite for kids of all ages.

Right down from the barn is a neat little shaded area called MawMaw and PawPaws place. Here families can freely picnic and enjoy treats purchased from the various stands around the farm. In the summer you can find fresh squeezed lemonade, home made ice creams galore and tons of other fun things. Or bring your lunch from home and enjoy it during your fun. Always super clean and well kept, makes for an easier way to extend your fun without leaving to eat and returning.

Next you can head back over towards Belle’s Barnyard Ball where guests can challenge one another to basketball, baseball and football tosses. Feeling competitive, try your luck there. **You can find about 90% of Dad’s in this area**. Right off to the side is the Konk the Crow where you can knock those pesky crows right off their perch. All kinds of endless fun for kids a little older!

Along with those above, there is a potato launch gun, a water race, a mini puppet show theatre, tractor see-saw, tether ball and even a honey bee habitat. All right in the little area when you first walk in with plenty of grassy area for free play as well.

Right up the hill, you’ll immediately come to a big race track. Not just any race track, it’s for tractors! The little pedal cars are built to resemble tractors of all colors and are such a fav for kids. Worried your kid is too little? They have parent push handles right on the back, just make sure your kid knows how to drive. Race away here among friendly and family on the super neat little track in your very own tractor!

Next is the ultimate playground, the big jumping beans as I like to call them. HUGE jumping pillows allow kids to run and play and jump for hours in a fenced in area with tables and benches for parents to sit and watch. HELLO nap time, right? Addi always loves this little area the most.

Then you can hitch a ride on the Cow Train. A tractor will pull you in your own little cow cart around a field filled with gorgeous flowers while you kick back and enjoy to views! Perfect for kids about 2 and up or parents can sit inside the carts and hold kiddos! There is a great safety lap belt to prevent little ones from standing up and jumping out, and it doesn’t move too quickly! During the halloween season, they have all kinds of neat hay-bells painted up in halloween characters for the kids to enjoy!

Time it right and you could catch the hay-ride around the entire farm. We haven’t been able to get addi on there yet, but one day. The hay-rides run pretty often during the Fall season and usually get pretty busy too! Be sure to catch it just in time.

One of the best parts about the farm are all the neat little areas for picture opportunities and moments to sit and relax. From covered picnic tables to restrooms right on the farm ground to food stands, you could easily spend all day here with your family. The fun is endless and beyond worth the trip.

Before heading home, you have to be sure to stop at the market. Inside you can find gorgeous flowers, amazing jellies, jams and preserves made from fruits grown right there on the farm and more! The ice cream i mentioned in the beginning, you CAN NOT leave without trying the peach ice cream. Even if you aren’t a peach person (Ok hello, if you’re from GA you’re a peach person) you will love! It’s the best. You can even sit and watch little goodies being made in their own bakery as well. So during the summer, be sure to take a break from the heat and cool off in the market.

Something you don’t have to pay for to enjoy are the amazing strawberry and blueberry fields. If you’re looking for fresh berries, grab a bucket or 2 from home and head on over. Simply pay for what you pick (which is SUPER reasonable for fresh berries) or buy their pre-picked baskets full. Hello strawberry shortcakes!!


The fun is endless here, and the memories are amazing! We have been visiting Southern Belle Farms for going on 3 years now and have always been super impressed. The staff is always friendly, the grounds are well kept and clean and the activities are amazing! So if you’re looking for a fun way to spend the day with your family, they are definitely worth checking out. All their info can be found right below on their website! Click the image to head on over and plan your day trip to Southern Belle!

Southern Belle Farm





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