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Why I Started Blogging

I’ve been wanting to sit down and write this out for a while now and just had so much other content planned that I kept pushing it back. I kept telling myself, no one cares Jordan. No one is that worried about why you started blogging. But then I thought about it. I thought about all the ones who have messaged me the sweetest words since I began, the ones who cheer me on and share all of my stories. The ones who have praised me for my efforts in creating this page, to those-Thank you. And I realized I owe it to those. Those that want to see my blog grow to be successful and enjoy my content. I owe it to you guys because without you, I’d have no one to write for.

Before having kids, I had so many dreams and places I wanted to go. I went to school to be a doctor, did you know that? I graduated with a degree in Biology in 2014 with full intentions on Medical School. Yeah, Dr. Wigginton was what my family joked and called me every time they would fall ill and I would try to diagnose them. And then we would all laugh because 9/10 times I was right. I worked as a physicians assistant in the ER for 2 years in college. Not like the PA, but the assistant to the physician. I learned more in that ER than I ever did in any classroom. I still think I could have been great. I love to help people. I absolutely love to help anyone i’ve ever come in contact with. What better way to help those around me than to treat them medicinally. But my plans changed, and i’ll never have my dream profession.

Flash forward 5 years, and here I am. A wife to a man who loves me when i’m not lovable and a mother to two kids that I have no idea what I did to deserve. But i’m here. I’m no doctor, or nurse or anything professional. But I can tell you when my kid is sick just by smelling her breath, so I think i qualify as like a stay at home mom doctor, right? Ok fine, joke.

The thing about being a mom is you learn a lot. You learn a little about a lot. You learn a little about patience, about kindness and you learn how to bite your tongue when you really just want to cuss like a sailor. And you also learn how to help in ways you didn’t know how to before. Help an innocent newborn in the middle of the night who is unsure what he/she wants. You help that growing baby learn how to control their head so they can properly sit up. You help that toddler understand what being upset means and why it’s okay to be upset. You learn a lot about helping, or at least I did.

So no, i’m not a successful doctor like my original dream, but I think being a mother is pretty dang close to winning the gold for profession of a lifetime. And i’m perfectly content. But i’m only perfect in being content with my life. I don’t have a perfect life. This is where i’m getting at.

Before I even started blogging I idolized a few bloggers out there. I mean, I was obsessed. The perfect closets, beautiful vacations, and gorgeous photos. I just kept wishing and dreaming of what it would be like to be that perfect. What it would be like to get 5k likes on your latest insta post, or what it would be like to have 150K followers. You see, I wanted that. But I didn’t think I could do it. I wasn’t relatable. I wasn’t perfectly skinny, rich or beautiful. I’m just a normal mom in her mid to late twenties enjoying my elaborate trips to target. But I started my blog anyways.

You see, i’m not perfect. My instagram isn’t perfectly curated with a beautiful color scheme that makes me stand out to those who come across my page. My tiny squares aren’t filled with perfectly posed pics or beautiful vacations. No, it’s just me, my husband, our kids and our crazy life. But it’s perfect to me. I want to be relatable. I want whoever sees my page to know that i’m not the perfect instagram mom, that I feed my kids pop-tarts and let them watch their iPads just to get a moments peace. I want you to feel like we could be friends & most importantly, I want to help you.

I want to help you in so many ways. Help you find that perfect outfit for your long awaited date night. Help you find the best deal on the latest and greatest kids toy of the year. Help you in your mommy moments of weakness when you think you’re just doing a crap job as a mom. Trust me, I want to help because I know what it’s like. I’m not here to spew fake news and make you guys feel like i’m just here for some instagram fame. Nah, I doubt i’ll ever get that with the inconsistency of my life. Do you guys know how much work goes into perfecting your instagram? It’s much too much.

So what got me thinking on this and really wanting to share my story with you was a conversation I had with a blogger earlier today. I messaged her about a mutual feeling we both had in regards to instagram engagement. I was asking her how she grew her blog, got her fame and just chatting. I was amazed, this girl with over 200K followers, 10K likes on her pics and basically insta famous was even having a conversation with me. And then, when I thought the convo was over, she hit me with something that made it click.

This girl, who I think has the best life possible because it seems so perfect on her instagram, tells me that she can’t wait for the day when she has what I have. A family. A husband and two beautiful children. Here she is with instagram life goals telling me she is envious of my life. That she wants what I have. And you guys, I’m not making this up. This legit happened and I put my phone down and just thought about it. I keep looking around and wishing for so many things to happen in my life when i’m staring past the 3 things that made me who I am today, and now it all makes sense.

I started my blog to help others. To share my thoughts with those who care to read. And the truth is, it’s just that simple. I’m here to help you. And if my blog helps any of my fellow non-perfect, stressed out, loves her kids to death mommas, then I think my dream profession of being a doctor is way out the window.

XO-Jordan Lee

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