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What I Pack In My Carry On!

Packing for vacation can be stressful, but toss in a 13 hour flight and it becomes a headache! When we booked our trip to Hawaii, I had NO idea how long the flights would be from where we live! So naturally I started thinking about what the heck I would have on the plane with me to have access to. What does one need to spend an entire day traveling on a plane? Well, I have no earthly idea but i’m here to share with you what i’m packing based off what I think we need!

My rule of thumb for any plane travel is to pack only carry on luggage. This is cheaper, easier and less stress of having things get lost. But when you are traveling for 7+ days, that’s almost impossible. So then my next rule of thumb goes into play, pack what I will need for at least 2-3 days in a carry on and all cosmetics and such. Reason being is that if your luggage is misplaced on flights, it usually takes between 2-3 days for your bags to be found and re routed back to you. So having enough clothes to last you a few days IF your luggage did get lost is clutch!

That much is pretty obvious in terms of what you should pack, but what do you need on the actual flight? I mean that’s an entire day on a plane! So when it came time for me to pack what I will have in my purse for the flight, I stated trying to narrow down what is absolutely necessary!

Planes suck the life out of your skin. Something about the air circulation and the stiffness in the air is just terrible for your skin. I almost never wear makeup on a flight, especially a 12 hour flight, so skincare is a must! Having your must have skincare items handy is going to be a huge help in saving your skin from a potential break out from the harsh environment on a plane! Things I threw in my travel bag will be listed below with reasons why!

  • Clear cosmetics bag- This is a must! Traveling through an airport with security checks, you’re bound to have some TSA agent give you a death stare if you pull out your cosmetics and start digging to pull out certain liquids and such. But with the TSA approved clear cosmetic bags you won’t speed time digging!
  • Travel size cleanser & moisturizer- I know you probably think that sounds crazy, but think of all the terrible and disgusting things you touch in an airport only to then transfer those germs to your face. And to have them sit for 12 hours? YUCK! So cleansing your skin with a simple cleansing wipe like the travel friendly ones from sephora is key! Following up with a good moisturizer will lock in moisture to keep your skin from drying out.
  • Under Eye masks- You think i’m crazy, but who actually gets good sleep on a plane? If you, then you’re a psycho! So having a good de-puffing eye mask is definitely something good to have handy. The Baggage claim (LOL at the name) under eye masks from Wander beauty are my all time favorite for de-puffing and giving life back to that soft area under my eyes! And these are not messy at all, so your elbow neighbor won’t be giving you dirty looks!
  • Light makeup- I know I said I never wear makeup on a flight, but I always try to throw on a little bit right when we start to land because, hello photos? I usually do some sort of tinted moisturizer, powder, blush and mascara. Nothing crazy but just enough to give your face a little glow.
  • Noise canceling headphones- This is a no brainer. You don’t want to get caught listening to the guy next to you snoring the entire flight do you? NOPE! I love the Bose frees sport ear buds. Tiny yet powerful.
  • A good black out eye mask- When you do want to sleep, but your neighbor wants to count clouds (what a freaking weirdo) toss on that black out mask and leannnnn back! Mine from free people is perfect. Comfy and totally blocks out all light!
  • Travel pillow/blanket- Having a travel pillow is an absolute MUST on extended flights. Throw it around your neck and cover up and try to catch some Zzzssss.
  • A good book or Ipad- I mean who doesn’t need entertainment on a 12 hour flight? Airports are stocked with good book stores, magazines and more but if you prefer your ipad then sis better bring it!
  • A portable charger- For you know, when the phone you’ve stared at for 8 hours goes dead. Yeah, thank me later!
  • Credit Cards handy- Hello- those mile high club drinks don’t pay for themselves and unfortunately Delta doesn’t take cash sweetie!
  • Sunglasses- Maybe you aren’t totally snoozing, but you also want to eye creep on the weirdos around you without having people wonder why you’re staring at them. Throw on some big oversized shades and creep away!

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