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Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season!

There is just something about the holiday season that always tugs on my heartstrings and makes me want to do everything I can to give back to those less fortunate. This could be something small, free and easy to do just to make someone’s day!

I reached out to a few of my fellow blogger babes to get all the ways they choose to give back during the holiday season and these are what we rounded up!

Idea from Myself– I am subscribed to tons of beauty subs so each month I get little makeup bags! I take them and fill them with things like travel size toothpaste, shampoo, condition, cleansing wipes, perfume, non perishable snacks, gum and more and keep them in my car. If I happen to pass by a homeless woman, I will roll down my window and hand her a little kit! Just that little gesture of kindness can make someones day!

Idea from @Kate.symonsayssmile– “I’ve been working with the Homeless Period Project to bring feminine supplies to blessing boxes and schools. I try to pick up extra packs of panty liners anytime I go shopping for our family. Just a single pack can contribute to multiple blessing packs.”

Idea from @Lauryncakes-“Going through your closet and donating gently used items to a local homeless shelter is a great way to warm someone else this winer. The shelters will hand out clothing to those in need, rather than sell the items like other donation business may do.” Use this link to locate homeless shelters near you!

Idea from @Allieann_ – “I live in WV and I helped organize our annual Winter Weather Posse which is where we get student and adult volunteers to help prepare homes for the elderly  for the winter. We rake leave, insulate windows, switch batteries in smoke detectors and more. We had 400 volunteers this year.”

Idea from @CBStyled– “At the grocery store, I add a little gift card, like a $10 Starbucks, and after the cashier rings it in, I give it to her.” **This one is GENIUS and I love it**

Idea from @Heyitsnatalie– “I’ve been working with a local children’s hospital. You can purchase things like therapy pet visits, crafts, etc for the children in the hospital.”

Idea from @TheBelovedBride– “Each year, we do the “white envelope” idea where there is a single white envelope placed in our tree and on Christmas morning  my husband opens it. I usually do Sponsor a Child in his name, donation to a different charity in his name each year, etc.”

Idea from @fitmommy_inheels– “We try to do something different every year. Last year we made a stocking and sent it to a child in another state. This year i’m donating via the amazon smile program and i’ve worked with them to help promote the program!”

Idea from @justbrandi_– “I do a segment called Pay it Forward. I have my followers write in and nominate a family in need. I then choose a certain amount of stories (Last year it was 25) and feature them with their stories and my followers donate to whatever the family needs. We have had people buy entire Christmases for families, provide funds or necessities for people who lost homes in floods or fires, people have provided meals, blankets, clothes, toys, fulfill whole amazon wish lists in a matter of minutes and so much more. It’s amazing to see how the community pulls together.”

Idea from @alison_grooms– “Being generous at Jules & James has mostly meant that we have had the honor to write checks to support organizations, globally and locally. The Generosity Project was so special because it involved our entire staff and so many of our friends and customers. We set aside a few hours and got to be generous with our time. Generosity doesn’t just have to mean that you give your money, time is one of the most valuable things you can give.”

Idea from @shinnersss- “My grandma is part of an organization NA’AMAT USA and i’ve been volunteering to do gift wrapping with her since I was little. We’re jewish and the organization is to benefit women in Israel so we’re able to volunteer on busy days like Christmas eve to help people shopping last minute.”

From @The.Modernmama– “Throughout the Holiday season it’s so important to remember to give back to those that need it most. Things as big as compiling donation boxes for your local churches & organizations, or paying for the person behind you at the grocery store. Another family favorite for us is making cookies for our entire neighborhood. Tis the Season to spread joy!”

Idea from @Dashofprettyblog– “I try to give back by purchasing from brands that contribute to charitable causes with every purchase.”

Idea from @_Megortiz– “Over the years i’ve done different things during the holidays to give back to my community and those less fortunate. Some have been small deeds like buying someone’s breakfast or coffee behind me in the drive-thur line, keeping snack items in the car to easily be able to give to someone in need on the side of the road, or buying an item off the “Giving Tree” at church. Last year, I had the chance to spend the day volunteering at a local food pantry. We spent the day organizing, packing and delivering food and meals to those in our community in need of a little extra support in the holiday season. It was such a special day because it was so amazing to see so many people in my community come together to help those who needed it. It was also very eye opening to see just how many people in my area are in need of extra help. It is such a great opportunity to get involved and something I hope to continue to do for years to come.”

Idea from @EmilylGrimaldi- “Random Acts of Kindness are my favorite way to give back. Whether it’s someone who just looks like they could use a helping hand, or sending a small gift to someone I haven’t seen in a while to let them know they are loved. You never know how things like that can impact people, and it usually causes a ripple effect, which is the best part.”

Idea from @TheBarnOfBlooms– “When I think of the holiday season I think about what I have and not what I wish for. Health and Family, that’s everything to me. I was raised to jump in where needed from a young age so that’s what i’ll do and i’ll raise my children to do the same. The elderly will always have a near & dear place in my heart. They just want to tell us stories of the past and in return we can learn so much. Our first stop on Halloween & Veterans day will always be the local nursing home. We also kick off the holiday season there with Christmas cards, gift bags & treats. It is truly a blessing. I challenge you to do the same. The Joy you get out of this, money cannot buy.”

Idea from @AlyssaCDavis– “For anyone who does a makeup sub like ipsy, I use those cute bags to fill with menstrual products and donate them to the local women’s shelter.”

Idea from @Lizparrish8- “Not every child will receive a gift for Christmas, which is heartbreaking. At my local Starbucks they have wishlists from local foster youth children programs. I have my kids pick tags, we go shopping, and drop the gifts off.”

Idea from @The.chaotic.mommy– “Every year I take my kids to draw a name off the salvation army tree and we go shopping for the particular child that we choose. We throw in some extra toys as well. Another way we love giving back is donating bath and body products to our local women’s shelter as well as diapers and wipes.”

I hope that in reading all these wonderful ideas on how myself and my girl gang give back, that It motivates you to get out and serve your community this holiday season!



XO-Jordan Lee

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  • Shannon

    I love these. Last year we partnered with Modern Burlap to give our NICU swaddled and sleepers for all of the babes at Christmas. The NICU is a scary place and we were so thankful to have an amazing one, and I wanted to make sure that those parents had a lil bit of happiness through the stress and fear! ❤

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