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Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day is one of those holidays that either you’re really passionate about or you’re rolling your eyes anytime someone even mentions the word “V Day”. But if you’re one to celebrate, sometimes finding the perfect little gift can be quite the challenge. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your boyfriend, husband, kiddos or your fav gal pals, I’ve got you covered!

    Gal Pal Gifts

Shopping for your girlfriends is super easy, just buy yourself something you would love and of course they will love it to, am I right? My perfect “Galentine’s Day” gift would be a cute little cosmetic bag stuffed with fun things like a lipgloss, face mask and maybe a bath bomb. Nothing too extreme, just something to let your friends know you’re thinking of them! I found my Gal pals gifts from target this year, all pictured perfectly below! And get this, less than $15 each. Totally saves you enough money to toss in a little Starbucks gift card! Bestie of the year award goes to… YOU!

Gifts for Wife

Okay hubbies, VDay can go down the drain super quick if you mess this up. It’s EASY! No over the top gifting necessary. All we ever really want is a little something special to make us feel loved, that’s it! I always tell my husband not to waste money on flowers, and he usually buys them anyways. And truth be told, I don’t hate it. Flowers make everything better. But you know what’s better than fresh flowers? A fresh blowout! OH.M.GEE a Blowout makes a woman feel like she could conquer the world. Send her to Dry Bar, $45-$65 and she comes home looking like she just stepped off the runway. YESSS QUEEN!! Other ideas- a MadebyMary necklace or ring, Hidrate bottle, a Year subscription to Ipsy, a Spa Day, maybe some macaroons because, DUH. But, if you are trying to drop hints to your hubby that maybe you’re wanting something more than flowers this year, I did you a favor and dropped links below to make it easy on him.

Gifts for Hubby

Buying for our men is always a struggle. Either we just don’t know what to get them, or we want to get them something and then find out they already own it. So with men, I play it safe. I always go for a quirky gift like a fancy bourbon glass or a few of his fav cigars and then something more special and romantic. You can always go with your basic “win him over” gifts like a fresh pair of sneakers, a nice little pullover or maybe a new golf club but those items get pricy. If you’re working with a budget, make him a gift. An AMAZING idea I made for my husband one year was a fun little coupon book. I handmade a book with “Coupons” for different things I knew he would enjoy. His favorite meal cooked, A back massage, A “guys night” with his buddies, the list goes on. You could make this one FUN… if you know where i’m getting at with that. Point is, gifts for our men don’t have to be over the top, but if you’re looking for something specific, I got you. I linked a few ideas below!

Gifts for our Kiddos!

You guys know me, you know I go above and beyond for my kids. But I have to keep telling myself this is Valentine’s day and not their 16th birthday party. My (almost) 3 year old loves tiny little toys. Anything she can move around and play pretend with in her doll house is right up her alley. She also loves clothes. I mean, she gets it honest, right? So for this year’s valentines day gift, I am putting a cute pair of leggings, a fun sweater and a matching bow into a fun little basket with a small pack of Little People toys and some of her favorite candy, bubble bath and a new coloring book. Nothing over the top, just a little gift. And my sweet little potato man, he gets a cute little outfit and a new teething toy. He doesn’t require much.


I know you’re reading this thinking, has she lost her mind? Worst gift guide ever. But the point with my gift guide here is to guide you to an idea, not tell you. Once I have an idea, I can guide myself to the end result. But, if you’re still begging for more, then i’m dropping links below, don’t stress!


XOXO Guys!

Gal pal gifts- Makeup bag , Face Mask, Lipgloss , Spongelle, BathBombs , Bag Charm

Wife Gifts- Made By Mary jewelry , Dry Bar Blowout , (if you don’t have dry bar near you, simply call her local hair salon and make her an appointment for a blow out there, totally fine too!), Hidrate Bottle, Ipsy Subscription , Perfume Sampler from Sephora (these are PERFECT because as a woman, we literally change our minds on what we like every day, this gives us options!) Itzy Ritzy Mini Bag, Blush Sneaker slip ons

Hubby Gifts- SprezzaBox (I LOVE them. super great company and their perfectly curated boxes are the greatest gift for the business man in your life!), Bourbon Glasses, Leather apple watch band, Beef Jerkey Bouquets– yes. you read that right. They are AWESOME. Craft Beer Club.

Kiddos Gifts- Little People toys, Play Purse, New Books, Picnic Basket , Build a Bear experience, Grow a Dinosaur Egg,






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