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Things I Never Want to Forget About My Kids

You know those moments your kid does something that either melts your heart or makes you belly laugh uncontrollably? Same, and I never want to forget them. I swore I would create a baby book for both of my kids and well, let’s just say that slipped to the bottom of my “To Do” list.  From the day I found out I was pregnant, everyone around me told me to cherish the moments because one day I would miss them. And most of the time I thought they were crazy. How could anyone miss morning sickness and sleep deprivation? But the truth is, you do. You forget all the bad parts but you do remember them, does that even make sense? It’s like someone took some imaginary tool and burned them into my brain and they will be there forever, but in a good way. So for the last few days, anytime I think back to a moment when my kids did something I never wanted to forget, i’ve been writing it here.

My reason for this blog post is because for the last few days, a fellow mommy blogger has been living her final moments with her sweet baby boy. She has been living any mothers worst nightmare and has been facing it head on and with courage that i’m not sure I could ever have. After hearing of her story it had my mind racing. Would I remember all these things about my kids? Would God give me the strength to look on the past and remember all the precious times I had with my kids? I never ever want to forget these things you guys. They seem so minimal but when I close my eyes and picture my kids at all ages, these things stick out. They are the things I never want to forget and I pray to God I hope I never will.


How soft her hair was- From the moment Addi was born, there was something comforting about resting my face on her head. And I know how weird that sounds, but if you’re a mom then you understand. But her hair was like silk and I always found myself rubbing my cheeks across her head when she was resting on my chest or just in my lap. It stayed this way for months and when it finally started to become toddler hair and no longer baby hair, I realized how much I missed those sweet locks.

She made the weirdest sounds- Okay I know all babies do this but my child made the most insane sounds. We joked and told everyone we gave birth to a pterodactyl because she always made these high pitched squeals that one would almost certainly peg for a dinosaur. As much as the sound was like nails on a chalk board to almost everyone around us, as soon as she stopped making them I longed to hear her do it just once more.

She was such a morning baby- I’m sure this applies to a good chunk of the world’s populations of kids, but this baby loved to be woken up. When she was an infant and was still swaddled to sleep, Sean and I would literally fight over who got to go wake her up because we knew the sweet little grin that would greet us would be the best part of our day. It’s like she had a charm on us and she knew every morning that smile would get her anything she could possibly want. Still to this day, this girl loves to be woken up every morning and I try to make it a point to be the first face to welcome her downstairs.

The weird way she said “Daddy”- I’ll admit, the girl said DaDa before mama and as much as it broke my heart, i’ll never forget the way she described her daddy. Those who know her and knew her during this time know what i’m talking about. Instead of DaDa or Daddy, it was “Das-su-Wah”, pronounced exactly as I have it spelled. We think it was a mixture of Daddy and Sean, but so unsure. She said this for a solid year and the day she stopped broke both mine and Sean’s heart. Why can’t our babies stay little forever?

Her love for Elmo- Truth be told, the child thought the L in elmo was silent and it was more of “Ehmo” but we all knew. She would freeze the moment his little voice came on or she saw his face on the TV. We took her to see Sesame Street live and upgraded our seats to floor a few rows back from the stage and i’ll absolutely never forget her excitement. Sure the tickets were so expensive but to say it was worth it is an understatement. She danced and danced until she couldn’t dance anymore. Her face was pure bliss from the moment the characters walked out on stage. Elmo was her favorite, and when she “grew up” and her love changed over to babies and barbies, a little piece of my heart died. I will always remember her as my Elmo loving girl.

How well she played by herself- This is rare for an only (at the time) child. Addi could self entertain like no other. Her imagination took her all over the place and she didn’t have to have anyone else there to be able to enjoy. She would sit and play for hours and never cause any trouble. She was an angel baby, the one parents can only dream of having. She was never into trouble or getting into things she didn’t belong to. She just played and played. Sure she loved when we played with her and we did, so much playtime with that child. But her ability to self entertain means I have one self driven and independent child, and for that I am proud.

She has the sweetest soul for such a sour patch kid- This kid loves, and she loves with her whole dang heart. I bet I hear “you’re the best mom ever” hundreds of times a day and I will never get tired of it. But she has the biggest attitude you’ve ever met. Her smile can turn into a stank face in about .5 seconds. But she means well and we love her for it.

Addi-nease- it’s Addi’s language- This kid says the funniest things and I mean that in the most serious way. A few things that stick out are “I not talkin’ you no more”, “Boo-Bain”- thats bandaid in addi talk, “are you seriously”?, I could go on forever on this one and chances are when things pop up i’ll probably continue to add them here. But I never want to forget her special way of saying things.


His love for his mama- Everyone warned me about boys, they love their moms. I underestimated this one. Carter man LOVES his mama. When he was a baby, I was the only one he wanted. No one else could comfort him the same way I could. Anytime he became upset or started fussing, I could walk into room and the child instantly knew my presence was near. It was like a sixth sense he had for me. Might have a lot to do with the fact that I co slept and nursed him until he was 8 months but all factors aside, I will always be his favorite.

How he crosses his legs when he drinks his milk- This one gets me every time. This sweet boy does anything and it is always the cutest way you could possibly do anything, but the way he sits and crosses his little legs melts my heart. He sits in your lap and the minute you put a bottle in the boys hands, the little feet just cross and he cozies right up. It’s seriously so precious.

His blanket- When addi was a baby, I longed for a baby that had a comfort item. A stuffed animal, blanket, anything. Addi never did, but not this boy. He can’t take a nap or go really anywhere without his blankey. And he lets you know when he’s ready for his naps. He will walk around and search for his blankets, grab them and rub his little face into the blanket to let you know he’s ready. It’s the cutest thing ever!

Changing him is a cardio session- I’ve changed numerous diapers in my years of mommying and baby sitting, but never have I ever changed a child like Carter. To say it’s like wrestling an alligator is pretty equivalent. From the moment you pick him up to the moment that diaper goes back onto his bum, he’s fighting you.. To be honest, I have to use my legs to pin the kid down way more times than I care to admit. My dad jokes and says he’s meant to be a wrestler and I have to admit, he would make a good one!

His sense of adventure- This child doesn’t skip a beat, he’s into every little thing he can fit In his tiny hands and that leads to lost of bumps and boo boos. For Christmas this year we got the kids an indoor jungle gym and from the moment his hands his the slide, it took about 30 seconds for his first busted lip. But he whines and goes right back to whatever it was he was doing. He’s invincible and nothing can stop him. He doesn’t need anyone to show him, he figures it out on his own. He’ll be my mischievous one and of that i’m certain.

His goofy teeth- I’m his mom and therefor i’m allowed to make fun of him, but in a sweet way. This kid has the goofiest teeth I have ever seen. His little grin would make just about anyone laugh and smile at the same time. His crooked and uneven teeth will be burned in my memory forever, and probably cost us thousands to fix with braces when he’s old enough. But gosh I want those little teeth to stay with him as long as they possibly can while he’s little.

His love for Moana- Theres something magical about that movie for this boy. As soon as the opening song comes on, his face turns to the TV and doesn’t budge until you move him or the movie is off. You can make him a sweet little pallet in the floor and he will sit for hours while the songs play out. He just loves it. It’s my way of getting him to calm down in moments I just need some quiet, because if i’m honest- he’s my loud mouth! k,,,,,,m (He typed that, not me. so naturally its staying there)

His fluffy hair- This kid has had the wildest hair since day one. No matter what I put in it, how many times I smooth it down it will fluff right back up to the most random shape. He has no part, has baby hairs all over and its just a mess. But boy does it match his little personality so well.


I could go on forever you guys. So many beautiful and cherished memories my kids have given me and continue to give me. I lose my mind daily but I always find myself at the end of it all. My kids are what make me a Mom and I never want to forget a single moment I spend with them.

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