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My TULA Skincare Routine!

If you’ve been with me for a bit, you’ll know that I invest a good bit of time (& money) into my skincare routine. I always say invest in your skin and you won’t feel the need to cover it with makeup! Not that there is anything wrong with makeup, I just love a fresh clean face and feeling confident without makeup on my face! But skincare can get very expensive and confusing. Finding the best things for your skin can be stressful and trying to understand what your skin needs can be difficult! TULA makes that so easy! Their probiotic skincare is gentle enough and effective enough for all skin types and they have every product you’ll need! I started utilizing TULA skincare almost 2 months ago and have loved my experience so far. My skin loves it and I love the way my skin looks after using it. So i’m sharing my fav products, why I love them and how I use them! As always, products are linked via affiliate links which allows me to make a small commission on your purchase at NO additional cost to you! Also, if you are a new TULA customer, you can save 15% on your purchase with code GREENWELL!

Step one- Cleanser- The Cult Classic Cleanser – i’ll admit, i’ve not always been a fan of this cleanser- but it was not the cleansers fault. I used to have VERY unbalanced and unhealthy skin due to diet choices and I blamed the cleanser for causing my problems. Turns out, that was not true. This is one of my top 3 all time favorite cleansers for a few reasons. One- It truly deep cleans my skin. I’m a double cleanse gal, meaning i’ll use a cleansing balm (Oil based) to remove makeup and then go in with a water based cleanser after to get a good clean face. But with this cleanser I don’t feel like I have to do 2 steps. This removes all residue left over from my makeup and truly leaves my skin feeling like it is breathing and hydrated. It has a gel consistency that truly gets deep down into pores to remove gunk and build up and use overtime has truly improved my skin!

Step two- Toner- Pro- Glycolic 10% resurfacing toner– People underestimate the power of a good toner but it can truly make a huge difference in your skin. By using one with Glycolic acid, i’m able to gently exfoliate my skin daily which allows my skin to surface fresh, new skin and an overall brighter complexion. The use of glycolic acid overtime can greatly improve the appearnce of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin a much more polished look. This one from TULA being 15% is a great percentage but is also combined with other ingredients like anti-oxidants which can benefit your overall skin by protecting it from harmful radicals and pollution that it is exposed to. It all sounds like gibberish to some, but this product truly is one that is beneficial to ALL skin types!

Step three- Moisturizer- 24/7 Hydrating Day & Night Cream– There is nothing I love more that lathering on a solid layer of moisturizer onto clean, fresh skin and literally seeing my skin drink it up! This moisturizer is like a big glass of ice water for skin and is the most hydrating and good feeling moisturizer. I will take a small amount (seriously, it doesn’t take much of this) and massage it into my skin and onto my neck and chest to make sure my skin is hydrated! Using this during the day can sometimes be a bit heavy so I tend to only use this at night and a much lighter moisturizer for day use, but this is a step in my skincare routine I simply will not skip at night. Waking up still being able to see your skin looking plump and hydrated is so crucial to having a gorgeous makeup day! If you are oily, this might not be a good product for you!

Every 2-3 days- Exfoliate- So Polished Sugar Scrub– This stuff is like paradise in a tube for your skin. Not only does it remove all of the excess dead skin cells, but it leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and smelling like a pineapple! It’s simply delicious! I use this about every 2-3 days or on days when i’ve worn heavy makeup just to really cleanse and remove any excess product off my face. It’s super gentle and the tiny exfoliating beads melt into the skin and form a super silky balm that leaves skin feeling super soft! Definitely one of my favorite gentle physical exfoliants.


And that’s it. Those simple 3 (well, sometimes 4) steps are honestly all you need for an easy, well rounded skincare routine. Sometimes simple is best and with these 3, it’s simple but you’re getting amazing products! The only other 2 things I suggest adding in are a Vitamin C Serum and an SPF. Some of the TULA products contain a small amount of Vitamin C, but I suggest adding in a stable vitamin C serum along with the use of SPF to get a full, well rounded skincare routine!

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