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My Top 10 Baby Products!

From the moment you find out you’re expecting, every new mom starts thinking of everything they will need for their new baby. The overbearing lists online, the never ending baby isles in department stores and the constant advice from friends and family on what you need.. but what do you really need? After my first child was about a year old, I realized a lot of the stuff we bought was pretty useless. It either didn’t work for her, didn’t fit our needs or just took up too much room in our then tiny city apartment. So when my second child was on the way, I narrowed the needs down to the bare minimum and am here to share my must have top 10! Each item is listed below and i’ll explain why I love it and why you need it in your home!

  1. The Ollie Swaddle– This is my holy grail swaddle and I would pay their asking price without batting an eyelash. My little guy was super gassy during his few few weeks of life and we struggled with getting him comfortable to sleep. We tried everything under the sun and then one night I pulled this thing out and wrapped him up and it was like a light switch. Instant soothing. The fabric sits snug to their body and it a very soft/stretchy material. The velcro is super strong and stays in place without shifting! Overall, 10/10 recommend this if you are in need of a good swaddle!
  2. The Rock N Play– So i’ll confess, I brushed this off with our first child and went straight to the MamaRoo. We still have the MamaRoo and we prefer this Rock N Play over it. It’s much more portable, making it easy to carry around the house or on travels, plugs in or you can purchase one that works on batteries. The angle it sits up at makes it a great option for babies with reflux issues. It also plays about 5 different “white noise” sounds. The price is amazing for what you get on this, totally a must have for every mom!
  3. The DockATot- Okay, i’ll admit I bought this one only because I saw everyone else with one and felt like I had to have it. But when baby got home and we laid him in it and he went straight to sleep, I knew it was worth the money. I’m in NO WAY suggestion this as a co-sleeper because the only safe way for babies to sleep is on a mattress with a fitted sheet on their back with nothing else, but i’ll confess to having this by our bed at night to let him lie down in if the side bassinet just isn’t cutting it. It’s an awesome way to let baby rest around the house safely without fear of him/her rolling around or to have with you when on vacation to give baby a comfy place to rest! I also HIGHLY recommend having at least one backup cover. Babies are definitely going to spit up while lying flat, and this is definitely going to get dirty! The backup covers make late night accidents an easy clean up!
  4. CeraVe Baby lotion & Wash– Baby skin is extremely delicate and sensitive and 9 times out of 10, babies end up with some degree of baby acne and/or dry skin. When my little guy’s flared up we tried so many different lotions and washes and then another mom suggested we try this. I am not kidding, 2 days and his skin was crystal clear. There is no scent to is but it cleans baby so well and leaves their skin feeling soft and moisturized. We now use this and only this on his skin and have zero issues with acne or dry skin at all.
  5. Pacifier clips/Paci- This is kind of hit or miss with babies so what works for my child might not be what yours likes. But we tried a handful of different pacifier brands and found these Natursutten pacifiers to be the best fit for him. Their are made from an all natural rubber and are a neutral color so easy to pair and coordinate with outfits. And every pacifier needs a clip. We love these softy cotton clips from Madelines box. A lot of pacifier clips are bulky for newborns and really just get in the way more than they help. These are super flexible and come in a variety of colors making it easy to pair with babies OOTD. (linking a few more pacifier options- Butterfly/Round)
  6. Diaper Caddy– If there is anything I learned after my first baby, it’s that you need a lot of stuff on hand at all times. Diapers, wipes, burp clothes, changes of clothes, I mean the list is endless. I discovered this Parker Baby diaper caddy and it has made things so much more neat and organized around our house. The size is great to store everything I need for both baby and myself. This also makes night time changes and pumping sessions a breeze! Such a great option and a must have item to keep you organized!
  7. Primary Clothing Footed Zip up Sleepers– I don’t know how else to say this, but you will go through footed sleepers like you run through toilet paper. Have tons on hand. These from primary are my all time favorite because they fit snug to babies body, are made with a soft cotten and come in a variety of solid colors which are my favorite.
  8. Moses Basket & Stand– Everyone needs a good bedside sleeper for baby since it is recommend that baby sleep in the same room as parents until about 6 months of age. We found this moses basket and stand off amazon and love it. It’s just small enough to sit beside our bed, gently rocks baby and isn’t an eyesore like most bedside bassinets. It’s also much more affordable than some high end sleepers! The quality is amazing and we have had zero issues. It also makes for a cute picture prop or laundry basket!
  9. White Noise Machine– HOLY GRAIL BABY PRODUCT. If you aren’t using white noise while your baby sleeps and baby is constantly waking up or you’re constantly shushing your friends and family, invest in a good white noise machine. We play this anytime baby is napping or sleeping and it keeps him nice and calm and helps us to avoid having to remain super quiet around baby! I also have a great portable white noise machine that I love to carry on road trips or place in the stroller while we are out and about!
  10. Baby Carrier– Having a good baby carrier is key those first few months when baby constantly wants to be held and comes in handy again when baby is too little to walk and you’re out and about. I have a few favs in this category, one being a Wildbird ring sling. Ring slings are amazing for when baby is very young and easily pliable. When baby is a bit bigger a more structured carrier like the Tula is a great option! Either way, you’ll want to invest in one for sure!

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