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My November Favs!

I absolutely love to share all my favorite things with all of my favorite people, so what better way to do so than to start a {MyFavorites} monthly blog! I’ll share all my everyday favorite items from beauty, fashion, lifestyle and more! Maybe some fun things i’ve been doing with my kids, or recipes we’ve been using in our house! I’m always sharing on instagram stories but I feel like sometimes I leave things out from my blog family that should definitely be shared! So we’re kicking it off with my November Favorites! Some products will be linked via affiliate links and some will not. Affiliate links do earn me a small commission of each purchase at no cost to you guys! Thank you all for your continued support for me and my endeavors! I couldn’t do it without you all!

Every Plate- So Sean and I have a bad habit of being super lazy and ordering to go food or just eating random stuff for dinner about once a week. We started ordering from Every Plate after I did some research on weekly food deliveries and realized that some were just WAY over priced. Every Plate breaks your price down by meal to $4.99 per person per meal and 3 meals a week! For Sean and I, we did the 2 person plan and it was enough for us both and our kids to eat some as well. Neither of them eat a ton so we each just took a small bit from our portions and shared, plenty left. We have LOVED it! All the ingredients have come to us very fresh, meats have all been well frozen and have had zero issues with any produce being old or anything! Totally give it a 10/10! If you guys are interested in signing up, use the code JORDANGRE and your first week is only $18 (Usually $38 shipped for the 2 person plan per week)

My Victoria Secret Pajama set– This PJ set has been with me for going on 2 years now and it’s still my fav. Why am I including it for the month of November? Because we moved in September and still slowly been unpacking out life and I randomly found them again a few weeks ago. Super soft, comes in long and short versions and a few different colors (including leopard) and for under $50 for the set. Literally the most amazing PJs ever!

My Black Starbucks Tumbler- Okay yes I am one of those crazy people who attack starbucks the day their holiday cups come out but I just can’t help it. So when they did a studded black tumbler in October for Halloween, I fan girl’d hard over some basic starbucks cups! I take this thing with me everywhere! I struggle staying caught up on my water intake so having a water cup with me everywhere I go is a must have! I think you can only find them on ebay or mercari right now but if you love the color black (Hello, who doesn’t) then it’s totally splurge worthy!

My T3 Curling Iron– I think I got this back in May for mothers day but I didn’t really learn how to use it for beach waves until late summer. And this month I have used it pretty much every week. Why only once a week? Because this thing holds some dang curls you guys! Like I can do my beach waves with this and my hair is curled until the next time I shampoo and I only do that once a week! It’s seriously the best investment i’ve ever made! I’ll link it here from sephora but I advise you to order from the T3 website here and sign up with email to get 15% off your order šŸ™‚ Mine is the 1 inch barrel and it perfect for beach waves!

My Leopard print phone case– This little case from Casely has become one of my favorite tech products ever! It charges my phone fully once a day when my phone starts dying and keeps me from having to sit next to a wall to let my phone charge. As bad as that sounds, 100% of my blog related work is through my phone. Which means it dies a lot. So having this case is super convenient! I simply keep my phone in the case at night when I go to bed and when I plug my phone in to charge, it charges my case at the same time! How dang cool?? They also gave me a discount code to share with you guys! Its JORDANLEE and it saves you 30% off any order šŸ™‚

Fenty Gloss Bomb– you guys, I never ever thought I could fall in love with a lipgloss formula as much as I have fallen in love with this one. It is so juicy and taste like the sweetest candy and is perfection. It comes in a few different shades but the shade I use and love is FUSSY. It’s $18 at Sephora and worth every gosh darn penny! Right now they have a fun holiday kit with 5 shades for $42 so if you’re feeling froggy, grab that one!

My Favorite playlist on Spotify!– Each month my choice in music changes so much. I’m constantly finding new songs to listen to and loving and over playing tons of music! But I have been jamming out to this playlist all month on repeat! Absolutely love it!

My casual booties– I had been on the hunt for some affordable and comfortable casual booties for a while. I stumbled across these and thought I would give them a try and boy am I glad I did. The first time I wore them they were slightly stiff but the second time I wore them all day from about 8 in the morning until about 6 that night and my feet did not hurt one bit. So dang comfortable and for under $70, you literally cannot ask for more! They come in the beige color that I have and also black and burgandy. The black ones are on my wish list right now and you can bet if they go on sale, ya girl is snagging them up! **20% off with code SUPERCUTE**

My favorite high waist denim- You guys caught me wearing these in a instagram try on and blew my DM’s up! These jeans from LOFT are literally the dang best. Perfect high waist hit for mommies that want to hide their mom bods (Hey, if you got it flaunt it girl, NO SHAME HERE) but also be super cute and fashionable! They run very true to size and are almost always 40% off! **40% off and free shipping with code GIFTS makes them less than $50**

My Olaplex No.3 PreTreatment– You guys, this stuff is sent straight from the gods. If you struggle with dry, damaged hair that needs strengthening, this $28 jar of holy grail will change your life. When the weather starts getting colder, my hair can sometimes need an extra boost of moisture. This locks in all the moisture and keeps my hair super shiny, soft and super strong. How I use it; I jump in the shower and rinse my hair with cold water, wash my body and any extra steps and then I get out and towel dry my hair (I did NOT shampoo, just cold water rinse) and then I take the Olaplex and soak my hair in it and massage it in very well. I wrap my hair up in silk hair bow and let it soak in my hair for about 30 minutes. Go take a bubble bath or just relax. Then simply get back in the shower, rinse and then shampoo/condition as normal. When I get out. I spray a detangler, a heat protectant spray and then use my Revlon one styler to dry my hair. DIY blowout at home. You’re welcome ladies!

My SPANX Faux Leather leggings- Okay so these are NOT new, but they have become a favorite this month because when cooler weather hits, so do these leggings. Pricy and definitely an investment (in my opinion) but oh so worth it. I’ve had the same pair for going on 4 years and they still fit like the day I bought them. They do run small so size up if you’re unsure! Be sure to sign up for the referral program and whenever you refer a friend, they get 15% off and you get $20 off your next purchase! Use my link HERE- to get 15% off your first pair so you can save and start referring!

Hope you guys love these as much as I do!

XO-Jordan Lee

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