Hi my lovely mommas! If you’re anything like me and my kids, then you are all too familiar with the “Where did you get her dress from?” or “Where do you buy all her cute clothes?”. Its pretty endless around these parts! I am always unsure if I want to share that information (Come on now, we’ve all lied and said Carters when asked where our WDW came from because carting is already impossible, right?) or tuck and roll away slowly! But, here I am willing to spill my guts to you on all the hot spots to shop for your kiddos!

Each shop I am listing I have personally purchased from and continue to buy from. I’m sure if you are involved in BST then you will hear some buzz about a few brands listed and why sally doesn’t love ER because of Yada Yada, but I love them and I love their products so I’m sharing them with you!

  • Well Dressed Wolf
  • Omi Jo
  • Wildling 
  • Eleanor Rose
  • Smallwoods/Sweethoney
  • Olive Mae
  • Sew Sassy Boutique
  • Itzy Ritzy– Use discount code JORDANBFF25 to save 25%
  • Freshly Picked- Shoes
  • Childhoods Clothing
  • Lulu and Roo
  • Wunderkin- Bows
  • Petite Plume
  • The Beaufort Bonnet Company
  • Smocked Auctions
  • Millie and Roo
  • Noxx- Hats
  • Copper Pearl
  • Alice and Ames
  • Little Bird Clothing Company
  • Lou Lou and Company
  • Little Cottonwood
  • L’oved Baby
  • Beau Hudson
  • Rylee and Cru
  • Spearmint Baby
  • Bargain Bows
  • Minnow Swim
  • Nelly Madison Clothing Co
  • Monpetit Shoes
  • The Proper Peony
  • Merce and Me Necessities
  • Mint and Magnolia Bowtique – Bows
  • Eclectic Egg- Bows
  • Blondes in Bows- Bows
  • June and January

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